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Check Processing for Your “High Risk” Business

The ability to process checks electronically is essential to running any business. Having the ability to offer customers various methods of making their payment(s) means more sales and revenue for you. The advantage of electronic checks is that they considerably cut down on the number of potential chargebacks and customer disputes.

However, have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to accept and process these checks? If you have, there is good news. Merchants are no longer required to take the checks to a bank for deposit, thanks to The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network of electronic financial transactions. They facilitate this process. Keep in mind that there are a few rules in regards to what kind of checks may be accepted electronically.

This is all great, you might be thinking. But how do I, as a business considered part of a high risk industry, obtain a merchant account while also accepting electronic checks? Fortunately, there are payment processing providers that are willing to offer you a merchant account, despite your high risk profile while still catering to your specific needs.

If this sounds very much like the needs and issues your business is facing, a check processing merchant account with may be the answer you were looking for. has consistently been voted the #1 high risk provider by industry experts. If you are unable to obtain services from a traditional source due to being labeled “high risk”, can offer you a safe and efficient solution.

The application process is fast, easy and secure. The application process itself only takes a few moments, and you can expect to hear back from a representative within 24-48 hours. EMB can help you with the difficulty you’ve had securing a merchant account from a conventional bank.

In addition, with their comprehensive ACH service, makes it possible for your business to be able to accept checks without requiring that the customer be there in person. The process of confirmation and authorization simply travels over multiple information highways, including telephone, fax, internet, etc.

Don’t let conventional banks shying away from you slow your goals down. If you are planning on starting your own business and want to have more than one method for your customer’s to make their payments, apply for a check processing merchant account with Take advantage of their fast and easy application process or speak with a representative today!