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Cash flow challenges can affect businesses of all types, and sizes

Often, dips in revenue can cause anxiety for business owners. But there are options available.

Ebb and Flow

Cash flow is a scalable challenge. Whether you’re a large company that’s just been through a tremendous growth period, or a startup with limited resources and a long road ahead of you, fluctuations in revenue is the natural consequence of operating a business.

Many issues can contribute to falling revenue, including market volatility, shortcomings in your sales channel, or shifts in consumer behavior due to seasonality and trends. Although the reasons are many and varied, the results can hinder — and even hurt — business owners. Without assistance, debt can accrue, credit ratings can be damaged, and doors can close.

Merchant Cash Advance’s manageable, scalable repayment requirements allows merchants much more flexibility when considering MCA’s.

Cash Advance is Changing the Industry

Merchant Cash Advances are well-suited for helping to bridge the gap between fluctuations in revenue, while foregoing the stringent credit requirements and time-consuming process of applying for a traditional bank loan. Repayment terms are also less restrictive and based on incoming revenue, rather than utilizing a fixed monthly payment which can be difficult to manage during a lull in sales.

Merchant Cash Advance

A Viable Solution

Dips in revenue can have terrible consequences for your business. Although you have choices, like cutting costs, renegotiating with your suppliers or service providers, exploring alternative funding options can be a viable solution to the natural downswing we all experience as business owners.