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Card Payment Options EMB Rating | “A” Level Processor Since 2016

The merchant payment landscape continues to evolve thanks advances in technology and the way consumers get and use their information, as well as how they pay. All of these factors also led to an uptick in the demand for news services that can support multichannel commerce. (EMB) paid attention and has been able to continue delivering top-notch merchant account services and related offerings to merchants with diverse backgrounds, risk levels, and processing histories. Some of these reasons likely are why Austin, TX-based review site, (CPO), has given EMB an excellent rating of “A” since 2016.

Background on CPO

CPO is a site that compares processors and their offerings in an effort to change the merchant credit card processing industry landscape. The founder of CPO began this endeavor due his disgust with some of its practices of deceptive rate quoting and marketing tactics. In fact, the payments industry is wrought with predatory sales agent and sketchy marketing practices. To move the industry in the right direction, CPO publishes reviews and ratings to help small merchants choose quality processors.

CPO’s Review of EMB

CPO recognizes EMB as a leader in the high-risk merchant services industry. At EMB, we work with clients who sell products, including e-cigarettes, CBD oil, online gaming, and nutraceuticals, and services, including collection agencies and credit repair, as well as many other deemed “high risk” by more traditional financial institutions. Part of our high rating was contributed to us having a good business reputation, few public sales complaints, and our good resolution efforts.

At EMB, we are a payment processor and business funding provider that continues to offer the lowest possible rates and the best merchant account services. Additionally, we offers unmatched chargeback prevention and fraud protection services. Considered a standout due to our quick, hassle-free, online merchant account application process and customized services, we also can offer more competitive rates to merchants as they grow and their payment volumes increase. Currently, our high-risk merchant rates start as low as 2.99%.

Most importantly, we do not charge annual fee or setup fees, and you never have to worry about any gimmicks. When you work with EMB, our customers are easily able to integrate through multiple gateways, including and 1stPay, as well as our very own gateway. Our business also offers intelligent transaction routing to ensure your new merchant account works with your shopping cart solution. If you run into problems, our high risk credit card processing technical support team can help you with integration and gateway questions.

When you work with us, you can get expect faster payment processing, fewer service interruptions, no unwarranted freezing of funds, and fewer quick, unjustified account terminations. Most importantly, funds show up in your account in as little as two days.

EMB Remains a Top Choice

Overall, EMB has many offerings for merchants of all sizes. CPO continues to recognize our strengths and rewards us for offering hassle-free, straightforward services free of sales traps and predatory marketing practices.

If you are ready to allow us to put our skills and expertise to work for your business, then submit an online application today. After you submit an application, you can check the status of it in real-time. Forget about waiting and wondering, just sit back and let us come with a customized payment solution that works for you. We are ready to help you succeed.