Can Credit Cards And Personal Loans Boost Credit Scores?

Oct 30, 2015

A good credit score is important. Many mortgage companies and financial institutions look at credit scores to determine the eligibility or interest rates for applicants. In some states, a credit score can even impact the cost of auto insurance. There are a lot of myths about ways to improve credit scores, but two tried and true avenues to up a credit score is to properly manage credit cards and personal loans.

Credit Cards

Using credit cards and paying the balance in full every month will raise your credit score. 10% of FICO scores center around credit. A revolving line of credit with an installment loan will most likely up your score. However, financial professionals caution consumers about taking out unnecessary loans just to pay off credit cards.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can also improve credit scores by using the proceeds from personal loans to pay off credit cards. As you pay off credit cards, your utilization is reduced. Lending Club reports that 77% of their borrowers increase their credit scores by an average of 22 percent within three months after paying off credit card debt with loans. Many people have used small personal loans with low interest rates to pay off high interest rate credit cards. But consumers should only use loans to pay off credit cards if they have the discipline to not place more money on credit cards.

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