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Can a Free Trial Boost Your Companies Business?

Does Offering a Free Trial Increase Conversions for your business

There are many ways to gain consumer trust and allow them to understand and better engage with your product. A free trial is a great way to showcase what your product can offer while gaining trust and enabling the consumer to see what is so good about your product.

Setting a free trial strategy and committing to the methodology is very important for it to be successful. The number of days of the trial, the conditions, and most importantly how the trial will end are all significant factors for free trials to convert into paying consumers.

There are a few reasons why a free trial can be very useful. First, to obtain a better standing in the marketplace. In researching your market if your competitors offer free trials then it’s likely that your company should also offer one in order to compete. If your competitors do not offer a free trial, your business could stand to gain a bigger following and consumer trust at a faster rate than the competition. Either way, your business could stand to gain conversions.

Also, a free trial can allow your business to gauge what paying customers expect. If there aren’t many conversions after a free trial for instance perhaps the product isn’t in line with what is expected. It is a great way to get consumer feedback and have a test market so to speak.

Generally, conversation rates are quite good with free trials. After the free trial if a consumer decides to buy the product they’d need an easy and fast way to process the payment. A trial offer merchant account is a very useful tool for a business conducting a trial as it can process debit and credit payments easily and securely.

Of course, it is important to evaluate your business model and determine if a free trial is right for your company. A free trial demands much in the way of time and effort from staff, the budget and the return could be little.