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Business Financing Growth Strategy: Business Advance Funding

Achieving growth requires serious investments of time and finances. To grow, you should plan your business throughout its existence. What your business financing growth strategy should be like? How can you get business advance funding without challenges? The answers to these questions are below. Just keep on reading!

Growth Strategy for Your Business

A growth strategy is more than just about envisioning long-term success. Without a proper plan, you’re going to lose your business or increase the chances of losing it.

First of all, how are you going to create your marketing strategy? For this, you should concentrate on:

  • Operational information like the location of your business, your suppliers, as well as the premises and equipment that you’ll need
  • Financial information such as predictions on profit and loss, cash flow, sales, and audited accounts
  • A summary of your business objectives with the mention of targets and dates
  • An exit plan if you’re running an owner-managed business

To develop your growth strategy, you should focus on the following steps:

  • Evaluation of your financing needs
  • Consideration of the financial situation of your business
  • Figuring out the right type of financing for your growth strategy

Now, let’s move forward and discuss your business financing growth strategy.

Financing Growth Strategy: Business Advance Funding

To get from part A to B, you should put together a growth strategy. If you don’t have an adequate growth strategy and a plan that can help you secure the finances to fund it, your businesses won’t be a success.

Well, what’s a growth strategy? It’s like a ladder: lower-level rungs present less risk but maybe less quick-growth impact. Below you can find important things to consider when making business financing part of your growth strategy:

  • Know the Sum You’ll Need

To fuel your business’ expansion or add a new product/services, you’ll need money. Identify the amount you’ll need and consider a timeline as well. If you’ve found a good loan guarantee program for your loan purpose and you have time to submit your application, don’t fail to go through the approval process, and wait for funds.

  • Determine the Financial Position of Your Business

For this, you should have clear answers to the following questions: “Can I repay a loan? Will I repay a loan? Will I be able to repay the money even if something goes wrong? Make sure to be aware of your business credit profile and your personal credit history.

  • Figure Out the Type of Financing That’s the Best Fit for Your Strategy

Today, you can find numerous options for financing. You should make your choice based on your business needs and the nature of your business. The world of small business financing has undergone major changes in recent years. There’re more business financing options than ever before.

Specifically, alternative online lenders like have revolutionized the space in recent year. Reputable online lenders offer exceptional terms and rates to merchants of any type and size. So, you can get approved for merchant financing options like business advance funding from EMB without any difficulty. is rated the top high risk payment processor in the US and carries an A+ rating with the BBB. Besides, EMB has an A rating with Card Payment Options. What merchants like so much about is that EMB talks to each of them before offering merchant financing solutions so to be well aware of their specific business wants and needs.

  • Verify Your Revenue Streams

Have you verified your current revenue streams? What revenue streams can add to the profitability of your business? Start with identifying the potential for new revenue streams, and then, find out whether they’re sustainable in the long run.

Did you know that only half of startups survive more than 5 years and only 1/3 make it to 10? So, to ensure your company is sustainable, you should create a growth strategy for your business. Build a well-thought business financing strategy as you consider growth so that to be able to meet the financial challenges on your way. Remember that the financial part is an essential component of any growth efforts.