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Bitcoin and Adult Entertainment Make a Perfect Match on XoTika.TV

It’s been nearly 20 years since people started using credit cards to access adult content online. Before that, probably there wasn’t any adult content on the internet because the internet was just at its infancy stages. But, back on topic, as consumers continue to demand increased privacy, providers of adult content have been working extra hard to find viable options. Credit cards were good, bitcoin merchant accounts were better, and now we have a new player on the block – Bitcoin – which promises complete anonymity.

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin, you will appreciate that it is the one payment method that is very difficult to understand. People sending and receiving payments using codes…! I mean, by the time the money circulates between the person purchasing an adult video, the merchant, and the exchange bank, there is usually no trace to follow at all.

This is exactly the type of transaction being adopted by Xotica.TV, a popular erotic content provider in Europe. The pioneer of Xotica.TV, Cristian Cora, while speaking about it, said that he expects the new approach to change trends in the entire industry. The goal, according to Cora, is to change attitudes and practices in the industry. Cora notes that the industry has suffered from several malpractices which could to some extent be addressed by the introduction of the “faceless” Bitcoin. He cites models’ earnings, for example, which have sometimes been compromised due to the current payment commission structures. Other areas that he mentioned included delayed payouts and consumer fraud.

“Though retailers are increasingly warming up to Bitcoin, the adult entertainment industry has been hesitant to accept virtual currency,” lamented Cora. “We at Xotica.TV are ready to lead by example and help the industry overcome the Bitcoin shyness.”

Bitcoin comes with an array of benefits – to every participant in the industry. Viewers can benefit from; increased anonymity, no contract, and the flexibility of tipping models to name just a few. Models will also benefit in a number of ways. For instance, with Bitcoin, models can be paid customer tips and other revenues almost instantly. Additionally, the lack of fraudulent activity often associated with credit cards guarantees that these models can, going forward, receive any earnings as pledged.

It could be a long way before everyone accepts Bitcoin, but there is no doubt about the potential benefits. Now that Xotica.TV is showing the rest of the industry how to do it, maybe it won’t be too long before we start seeing more providers listing Bitcoin as a payment option.