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Better Solutions for Check Processing for Collection Agencies

Running a successful collection agency takes determination, strong management, leadership, and an understanding of state and federal laws. Today’s collections environment is extremely competitive and managers must find and exploit any competitive advantages they can find, like online payment processing, that can quickly process checks paid by clients. EMB is the #1 source for check processing for collection agencies that want to maintain a stronghold on their business. EMB gives their merchants access to superior payment processing technologies such as iCheck for electronic check processing that facilitates quick payment.

ACH is one of the most basic forms of payment processing for merchants. Progressive payment processors have revolutionized ACH by utilizing the phone/Internet within payment options like: checks-by-phone, check-by-web, E-Signed PDF, and more.

Third party payment processors are becoming profitable partners for high risk businesses like collection agencies. The integration of payment processing solutions like (the Automated Clearinghouse), and now iCheck, not only make payment simple for customers, but also fantastic for collection agency managers.

iCheck allows all check types to be accepted at Point of Sale, without consumers being present. With iCheck:

  • Fast electronic deposit of funds, in as little as 24 hour.
  • No consumer notification or receipt is required.
  • Funding is guaranteed.
  • Free online activity monitoring.
  • No check writer authorization requirement.

The need for competent collection agency management and payment processing is critical to run businesses efficiently. Even the IRS and other government agencies have recognized this. Currently, the Senate and IRS are discussing how to use experienced payment processors for help with debt collection services, since debt collection can be a challenging and time consuming task. is the leading online lender that also provides check processing for collection agencies. Don’t miss out on the enormous profits and security that competent payment processing can provide. iCheck and ACH payment processing is the solution to your collection agency payment needs. Contact us to learn more about fast, low hassle check processing for collection agencies. Don’t leave the fate of your collection agency in the hands of amateurs.