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Bail Bonds Merchant Accounts Can Be Found at EMB

Bail bond merchant accounts seem like an enigma. Many talk of processing plastic card payments, but it is a mystery to many in the industry how they do so safely, and without fear of closure. The solution is simple: EMB. The bail bonds industry is tough, not only due to its clientele, but also due to its reputation in the processing industry. While many shy away from this industry, EMB welcomes it with open arms.

All merchants need the ability to process plastic card (i.e. credit and debit card) payments. While many bail bonds companies are “Cash Only”, this can delay the process for customers, and it can aggravate those who are in a hurry to free their loved one from custody. While plastic card payments leave a company at risk for fraudulent activity, EMB has the best security features to help you combat these issues. And while every fraudulent issue cannot be detected due to the ever-changing fraudster industry, EMB offer you chargeback insurance to help ease these fears.

If you have a merchant account and are satisfied, that’s great. However, you should check out your options every so often. The processing industry is constantly changing, and not all processors are up to date on the various payment forms that are now used. From ACH debit to iCheck technology, and BitCoin are used by many, but are not accepted by all. The more payment methods you can accept, the better your reputation and the better you can serve your customers.

The bail bonds industry is like any other, and it relies on the ability to accept payments. With EMB, the application to do so is quick and easy, and merchants can learn if they have been accepted in as little as 48 hours. This time frame is unheard of, yet it is a sign of EMB’s proven dedication to its merchants. After paperwork is signed, you can be up and running is a couple of days. This helps you, and your customers, better the bail bonds experience. It is something that no consumer wants to do, but many end up facing a bail bonds company at some time. It is up to you to make the process friendly and smooth, both through customer service and payment processing.