Bad Credit Businesses Welcome at EMB

Dec 01, 2015

No matter what we do, sometime new ventures just don’t work out or need help to survive. The previous recession left even the most responsible of business owners broke or near bankruptcy. As a result, many businesses have bad credit and have trouble acquiring fair, inexpensive payment processing. If you have lingering bad credit from the recession and have filed for bankruptcy, choose to meet all your merchant service needs. EMB can help you no matter what your FICO score, prior tax liens, or previous processing history.

If your business has bad credit most banks and traditional credit processors will avoid partnering with your business, which will cripple any opportunities for future growth. can approve your merchant account in as little as 24 hours. A merchant account will get your business revenue stream up and flowing. EMB even assists merchants on the TMF list for Visa and MasterCard.

The EMB Difference for Merchants

EMB believes that even though your business has bad credit, you still deserve dependable service that only high risk payment processors can understand and provide. offers the fastest approvals on the market. Our application only requires a simple electronic signature that can be approved in 24 hours. We have helped thousands of merchants reach their goals and prosper.

For businesses that are already established, EMB can supply an infusion of cash to help keep the doors open, purchase new equipment, or buy more inventory.  We offer a competitive business cash advance that has helped a variety of businesses with bad credit re-establish good credit and get on the road to recovery.

Businesses on the verge of collapse, or those that need a little help getting started deserve easy, straightforward, and quick services from credible payment processors. has cut out the middle man and unnecessary processes, and has streamlined the application so that it is user friendly. EMB applicants don’t worry about application fees or VISA and MasterCard requirements. Bad credit merchant accounts have competitive rates and provides 24/7 support for our merchants.

Let us help you get a high risk merchant account today!

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