As a Merchant, Customer Success Should Rule Your Life

Feb 13, 2015

Customer success is something that every merchant hopes or, as the end result is usually a sale. However, many times a website can be hard to navigate, or at times glitch, and help desk attendants are useful. Without the addition of a help desk, the customer could easily give up and take his business to another website. Help desks are very easy to accommodate, and if you are looking for a new business venture, or additional business venture, you should look into the help desk arena.

Help desks can have many functions, from online customer returns to general online help. Many times, there are various types of help desk contact options, which the top-three being email, telephone contact, and live chat. Live chat is becoming more popular, and many large e-tailers are using this as the preferred method of contact. A big plus with live chat is that you can use one help desk agent for a few chats at a time, minimizing the number of employee who need. While help desks can seem complicated, they are fairly easy to operate, once you get used to the industry.

One big issue with the industry comes with locating a help desk merchant account processor. These are notoriously hard to find, since help desk merchants have a higher chance of incurring fraudulent activity. While hard to locate, it is not impossible. One of the top rated is EMB. With EMB, your help desk accounts are safe, thanks to our superior security and terminals. If a fraudulent charge does occur, you can take part on our chargeback insurance, which can help you determine if the charge is in fact fraudulent. Chargeback insurance can also help you keep chargeback fees low.

When searching for a new business venture, you should consider help desks. They are easy to operate, easy to manage, and are in high demand. You should also make sure that they first stop you make after deciding on your business is to EMB.

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