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Are Charge Backs Just Hurdles or Real Deal Breakers?

Getting merchant processing accounts and having a taste of electronic payment processing brings with itself a plethora of bounties for your business. It is the perfect way to give your gem of a business a perfect jumpstart. However, electronic payment processing accompanies with itself a few disadvantages. The biggest one? Chargebacks. This is one thing you have to be wary of.

So if you are unaware of what a chargeback really is, you are in the right place to find out just that. Chargebacks generate from disputes between customers and their banks, regarding certain card-related transactions. To this extent, the issue isn’t much of a problem. However, when merchants are left in the dark about the dispute, they are virtually vulnerable to the repercussions of such disputes. What makes it even scarier for merchants is the statistic that an increasing number of customers are choosing not to inform their merchants about their disputes with banks. The repercussion of doing so is an inevitable chargeback that you do not want on your statements.

Chargebacks are not just mere hurdles in your way, but have the potential to set your business back a good few steps. They are not just time consuming and it takes more than just your effort to deal with them. Instead, they have the potential to lead to a daunting 270% loss of money. So if your business suffers a chargeback, be prepared to lighten your pocket by paying up to 270% in just fees. Is it worth it? We think not.

But, the truth is that at the end of the day, you still need merchant processing accounts and so, chargebacks are not a deal breaker. This is especially the case when you can deal with these chargebacks without sweating one bit. This is where we, at eMerchantBroker, come into the picture.

At eMerchantBroker, we are your saviors; we are your chargeback insurance providers. We have in our portfolio of partners, the likes of Verifi and their Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN). Add to this Ethoca’s Alert System, and what you have is a fully-fledged package that protects you from being left out of the process. Through these partnerships, we have one foot in the boat of the banks, and the other one in that of the merchants. Thus, we create a web that allows merchants to be a part of the entire process and make sure that such disputes are resolved before they are allowed to flourish. This way, you have direct control, total authority, and no chargeback issues to be afraid of.