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Apple Pay For The Web Is On The Rise

According to a report from SimilarTech, a Web analytics firm, Apple Pay on the Web has become quite popular. SimilarTech’s platform tracks more than 30 million web pages per month and shows that Apple Pay has turned into the 5th most popular payment platform used by eCommerce websites ranked in the top 10.000. It is the 5th most widely-used payment platform among 100k websites as well.

As for PayPal, it’s on 2.36% of the mentioned sites. Then come PayPal Subscribe with 0.98%, Stripe 0.355, Braintree 0.32%, and Apple Pay 0.25%.

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Since September 2016, Apple Pay has only been available for the Web and mobile Web. The data shows Apple Pay on the Web is ahead of Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, and more than 50 other online payment options given the top 10.000 websites tracked by the mentioned Web analytics firm. Apple Pay holds the 5th position at 0.11% among the top 100k websites.

Apple Pay on the Web was launched only in September and isn’t that much popular in total as compared to its competitors. However, current statistics shows that soon Apple Pay could surpass its competitors and take PayPal’s market dominance.

SimilarTech’s marketing director, Daniel Buchuk notes Apple Pay has had a “meteoric rise” with regard to how challenging it was to get sites adopt payment platforms and the time its competitors have had to establish themselves.

According to SimilarTech, Apple Pay is being used as a payment option on 1.035 sites. To compare, PayPal is available as a payment method on over 1 million sites and Stripe on over 38.000. The fact that Apple Pay is in the top 10.000 speaks quite well for the company.