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Amex Chargeback: Is There a Difference?

Chargebacks can create huge problems for merchants of any type. So, taking all the necessary measures to fight chargebacks is crucial. Are you interested in an AmEx chargeback? Do you want to know how you can fight chargebacks? This article will help you with all this.

Get Reliable Credit Card Chargeback Protection

Let’s first start with chargebacks. A chargeback is a transaction returned because of non-compliance with the association rules/regulations or as a result of a dispute field by a cardmember.

Visa and MasterCard are part of an association, the members of which interact with cardholders on its behalf. This can’t be said about American Express. The latter plays the roles of both the card network and issuing bank.

The most important thing for merchants is to prevent them from happening. Consider turning to a reputable merchant services provider like if you’re interested in an AmEx chargeback or you need a reliable chargeback prevention solution. EMB is voted the nation’s #1 high risk credit card processing company that has an A+ rating with the BBB. Beyond that, EMB is rated A by Card Payment Options. offers the lowest cost and the most secure merchant accounts both to traditional and high risk merchants. With EMB, you can enjoy Checks by Phone, iChecks, as well as Checks by Web. Thanks to Paper guarantee, you can accept checks as payment safely.

Also, no matter you have bad credit, a bankruptcy or an unresolved tax lien, you can get approved for business funding without challenges. EMB will help you quickly obtain small business funding like merchant cash advance (MCA) without difficulty. Besides, EMB offers the best payment gateways, including its own, both to low and high risk merchants. offers Chargeback Shield* to help you fight chargebacks easily. This is a mitigation tool that can prevent 1 in 4 chargebacks. EMB, in partnership with Verifi’s Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) and Ethoca’s alert system, helps businesses to resolve credit card transaction disputes directly. EMB’s chargeback prevention system really works for merchants.

What to Know About an AmEx Chargeback

First of all, let’s see how an American Express chargeback dispute start. Well, it happens when a cardmember contacts AmEx to question a charge on his/her statement that can’t be recognized. A chargeback occurs when the company investigates the dispute and debits the given account for the disputed amount and credits the cardmember with this amount.

How does AmEx notify you about a dispute or chargeback? Well, after you question a charge, the company gets down to resolving it. If it isn’t successfully resolved, you’ll get further information in the form of a “Request for documentation” letter outlining your requirements.

So, you’ll know the reason for the dispute and what documents you should provide in support of the transaction. Make sure to respond the required date by post fax or online. Otherwise, AmEx may deduct the transaction amount from your merchant account.

After AmEx has made a final decision, either you’re required to pay the charge, or your account is debited by the required amount.

What about the American Express chargeback process? This suggests:

  • Dismissing the case and informing you that the charge is valid
  • Sending an inquiry to the merchant
  • Issuing an immediate chargeback

You can respond in one of the following ways:

Chargeback authorization

  • Issuing a credit or providing evidence of a credit that’s been issued previously
  • A partial credit issuing and providing evidence that can support the refund amount reduced
  • Providing enough evidence to validate the original charge

By the way, if you’re dealing with high inquiry rates, American Express can also issue immediate chargebacks to you.

To fight chargebacks, you should have excellent knowledge of chargebacks and disputes. Importantly, you should work with a reliable and experienced processor to get the best credit card chargeback protection for your business.

*Chargeback Shield is not an insurance service. EMB does not sell insurance and Chargeback Shield is not insurance, it is an alert system.