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Adult Merchants Take Note: There is now a Wearable Dating App

Apps come in all forms, but the newest craze in the US takes the cake. It is a wearable dating app, which comes directly to you on your smartphone. Of course, there are dating websites, but when someone wants to find a date quickly, or on their lunch break, or while sitting in rush hour traffic, there is no better way a than dating app. Big shots in the online dating industry have quickly opened their own apps to supplement their websites. This is big news for those existing adult merchants, as well as those who want to get into the industry.

The daring website and app industry can be complicated. There are thousands of websites, and many apps that range from all-inclusive dating to niche dating. While niche dating sites can bring in bigger prices per user, all-inclusive apps and sites such as tend to garner more traffic. Maybe it is the name recognition or the all-inclusiveness, but whatever it is, it works. Regardless of what type of dating website and/or app you invest in, you need to make sure that your adult merchant account is up to code. This may means switching to a new provider, or it may mean negotiating the terms of your existing contract. Whatever it is, it can be nerve wrecking, and can cause some to stay where they are in the industry and not advance forward.

This should not happen to you or any adult merchant account holder. You should be able to switch providers if you choose, and you should be able to add on the app to your existing website. Adult merchant accounts are in the “high risk” category, which makes finding a merchant account hard in the first place. However, if you look around, call around, and do your research, you can obtain an account with one of the best. There are a few in the industry who really know the ins and outs, and have the records to back it up. One of these is EMB. Whichever you choose, know that it may be the most important business decision you make, as a good merchant account can help a business, and a bad merchant account can break a business.