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ACH Processing for Small Businesses | Enjoy the Benefits

ACH is the main network that processes most electronic financial transactions in the US. ACH payments are electronic payments completed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. They are a popular alternative to paper checks and credit card payments since they offer a number of benefits to merchants and consumers.

The National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA), the Electronic Payments Association behind the ACH network, reports more than 23 billion ACH payments were completed in 2014. In 2015, ACH transaction volume grew to over 24 billion electronic payments, an increase of 1.3 billion payments or 5.6%, over 2014 volume, according to NACHA.

Benefits of ACH Payment Processing

ACH payments can be defined as electronic transfers from one bank account to another. Common uses include:

  • A customer pays a service provider
  • An employer deposits money to an employee’s account
  • A consumer moves funds from one bank to another
  • A business pays a supplier for products

ACH processing offers several benefits to businesses. Businesses can receive electronic payments more quickly and reliably. There is no need to forward checks to the bank and wait a few days to find out which checks bounced. For businesses that use credit cards to accept payments, it costs less to process an ACH transfer as compared to accepting a credit card payment. Finally, ACH payments can be accepted remotely.

When it comes to consumers, ACH payments offer benefits to consumers as well. Consumers don’t have to write checks and get them into the mail on time. Also, there is no need to keep an eye out for bills.

Accepting ACH Payments

If you’re interested in accepting payments by ACH, you should partner with a payment processor. Ask your existing service providers if they can handle ACH payments for you:

  • The bank where you keep your business accounts
  • The company that processes credit card (or other) payments for you already
  • Your accounting software service provider

With a reputable payment processor like, you can be sure to enjoy reliable and low-cost ACH payment processing. EMB is voted the #1 high risk processor in the US and boasts an A+ rating with the BBB. With, you can accept more payments, retain customers, and simplify online shopping.

ACH processing offered by EMB can help you get paid faster, reduce payment processing fees, and improve cash flow. Also, you get an opportunity to earn and keep loyal customers by offering flexible online payments, creating reliable revenue, and building trust with a secure payment gateway.

Businesses of any size can choose ACH as an option. If you, as a business, have higher volumes, you’ll naturally pay less. According to NACHA, average costs are around 11 cents per transaction. Small businesses may be charged 3 to 5 times that much: in some cases, they’ll be charged per-transaction, and in other cases, they’ll be charged a monthly fee or a percentage of each payment.