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Accepting Credit Cards Online – The Best Payment Gateways

Are you looking for the best online credit card processing gateway? Do you need to accept credit cards online? At you can compare the rates and fees from multiple credit card processing companies in one place. We can provide expert advice on the best secure payment gateway for your online business.

An online payment gateway can be used in multiple business scenarios. A payment gateway can act as a virtual terminal for business owners taking orders over the phone. It is most commonly used to integrate into the shopping cart of an e-commerce store. When choosing a payment gateway to integrate into your website, you should clarify what shopping cart you are using on your website.

Many shopping carts will provide integration guides that suggest certain payment gateways. It’s important to choose reputable gateway to ensure your website is fully protected against fraud. Websites are constantly being attacked by fraudsters looking to steal credit card information. In this blog we will discuss our top recommended secure payment gateways, each with their own benefits and advantages.

#1 is the worlds most popular payment gateway. They have recently been acquired by Visa, due in large part to their advancements in fraud protection and other security related advancements. For the merchant, is the most user friendly gateway on the market and it integrates into more shopping carts than any other secure payment gateway. We have many different providers that offer, however they tend to be one of the higher price gateways.

#2 eProcessingNetwork: This popular Internet gateway has many advanced features including email invoices, emulator and more. This is a low price alternative to and is compatible with most shopping carts on the market.

#3 NMI or Network Merchants Inc: The NMI gateway is one of our most popular gateways because it offers our clients a load balancing feature. Merchants can load multiple merchant accounts, or MID’s into the NMI backend and the gateway will automatically spread the transactions out across the merchant accounts. This is a great feature for high risk or high volume accounts.

To speak with a merchant adviser about what Internet payment gateway is the best fit for your business, click on start your online app today!