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Nov 05, 2013

There are so many variables in the electronic cigarette market. How old is the customer? Are they telling the truth when they say they are 18? Is this card holder the real one, or someone that stole it? Fraught with so many questions, there is only one alternative to it all.

Get yourself an electronic cigarette merchant account and wash all the worry away. Well, most of it anyway.


With a merchant account, you are protected from several levels of fraud and thievery. It won’t protect you from the liars out there telling you they are of age, but it will help with a stolen card being processed through your services. You receive reduced amounts of fraud because of their protections, as well as reduced liability. Your operating costs will be reduced and your marketing opportunities increase.

With a merchant account

You can set up a nice website online and leave your store open twenty-four hours a day. While you sleep, your products and services can be sold worldwide. While you are counting sheep, your income can be growing exponentially.

You might have to think of

Since there are legalities tied to a cigarette, no matter where you are, you may have to get creative on how to verify that the customer is of age to smoke. Most of your products are tied to an age preferential product and your servicer will love that you have a plan in place on how to deal with that.

It’s just good business

The only way you can grow is if you have a plan and you work on your plan. A business plan is just a good idea since you want to greet each day with numbers that were higher than the day before. If you don’t have any idea what to do, you need to seek advice from a small business administration. They can point you in the right direction.

Questions, concerns

eMerchantBroker has a live chat area. If you have questions, and you should, you need to click on their chat area. Agents are waiting to assist you with whatever you need. The staff is intelligent and great to work with. There is less likely a chance you will make a wrong move if you take the time to get your questions answered.


If you take the time to investigate your merchant account before you begin, you will have fewer surprises. Being prepared as you enter into business makes things all the more simple to handle down the road, and having the knowledge that a merchant account helps with fraud…. Well, it’s just the icing on the cake of life.

So walk the walk, and talk the talk. Visit a merchant account servicer and ask all the questions that you can come up with. They will be happy to assist you and make the future a little less fuzzy for you. It can’t hurt and it can only help. Good luck with your new electronic cigarette merchant account.


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Having a merchant account allows an account holder to take advantage of merchant cash advances. When a merchant is approved for an advance, the business agrees to receive a lump sum of cash in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future credit card sales.

Pricing varies depending on the merchant’s industry, past credit card processing history, the type of business seeking the account, average ticket sales, and average transaction volumes.

Yes, EMB works with merchants who are building their credit, as well as those who have poor credit. EMB also approves merchants that have no credit card processing history and businesses that have lost their merchant accounts due to high chargebacks.

Several factors influence a merchant’s risk level. Though only one factor likely will not get a merchant classified as high risk, a combination of these may: business size, location, and industry, credit score, credit card processing history, a industry’s reputation for excessive chargebacks, a prior history of high chargeback ratios, and whether a merchant exclusively sells online.

Virtual terminals are stationed on a merchant’s website, making it easy for customers to make a payment or purchase online. Merchants or a payment processor can easily set up virtual terminals, so online businesses can accept credit and debit card and e-check transactions.

A merchant account is a business account with an acquiring bank. Without this business account, which actually works more like a line of credit, a merchant cannot accept and process credit and debit card transactions. Businesses need a merchant account to accept major credit cards via a static point-of-sale terminal, mobile card reader, or through a virtual payment gateway.

After filling out EMB’s simple online application and submitting any necessary, requested documents, many merchants get approved within 24 and 48 hours.

EMB specializes in working with high-risk merchants. EMB works with many merchants, including but not limited to businesses in these industries: gambling and gaming, adult entertainment, nutraceuticals, vaping and e-cigarettes, electronics, tech support, travel, high-end furniture, weight loss programs, calling cards, e-books and software, and telecommunications.

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