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A Comprehensive Solution: Fast Payments And Total Fraud Protection

If you are looking for a comprehensive fraud solution, look no further than EMB.

Credit card fraud continues to plague merchants and customers alike. As criminals are becoming more sophisticated and innovative with their tactics of stealing financial information for unauthorized transactions, more has to be done to thwart their efforts. 

With the introduction of EMV credit cards, brick and mortar retail establishments have been able to scale back on fraudulent activity. However, this chip technology does absolutely nothing to protect online purchases. 

Experts have estimated that eCommerce credit card fraud could potentially hit $25.6 billion in 2020. 

What Can Merchants Do To Protect Themselves And Their Customers?

Customers are looking for two things from online merchants. One – they want a quick and convenient way to make their purchases. And Two – they want their payment information to be safe and secure.  Luckily, or EMB has got you covered. 

EMB offers not only fast payments but a complete fraud solution all in one package. EMB utilizes a customizable rule strategy developed to resolve the most complex and elaborate “fraud use cases”. It also includes a simple user interface created specifically for the particular needs of the merchant. 

A reputable merchant account provider has a proven team of knowledgeable and supportive staff. EMB has a “best-in-class” account management team that is equipped and ready to support, train, and offer conversion optimization. 

As an online merchant, you also need a provider that can move at lightning speed for the rapidly changing online world. You can be assured that EMB delivers advanced fraud protection at the speed critical for digital business.

A Proven Track Record

EMB’s extensive network of data has been amassed over the past 12 years, working with 6,500 merchants across a wide variety of industries. Billions of transactions have been fed through models, detecting a diverse variety of fraud.

According to a 2017 LexisNexis study, the decline in fraud rate had a domestic average of down to  2.8% while EMB experienced a decline rate down to .78%.  The international average was still a whopping 7.6%.  The industry chargeback rate was at 1.36% while EMB got it down to only 0.11%.

How Does EMB Work?

How EMB works is that EMB has a device collector API that creates a unique digital persona that triggers real-time analytics in order to detect and stop fraud. 

With the use of sophisticated feature engineering and dynamic models running at the same time,  EMB can detect features that are applicable to payments fraud. EMB connects single transactions to a vast data network. It swiftly detects anomalies, provides link analysis, and it also evaluates and weighs features in order to provide an accurate and effective payments score, called an Omniscore. 

EMB also offers Advanced AI, which is trained to recognize patterns that have not been detected before. EMB’s AI is equipped to detect sophisticated, complex, and automated fraud in a matter of milliseconds. EMB’s AI can also detect new and emerging payments fraud attacks long before merchants are impacted by chargebacks. It enables an instant response, “at the speed of digital business”. 

You Have A Solution

As credit card fraud continues to soar and compromise millions of customer credit cards, hitting merchants with chargebacks, and a host of other headaches, it’s time that merchants seek more sophisticated and aggressive solutions to sidestep a host of negative repercussions.

With EMB’s proven track record and innovative AI solution, you can rest assured that your customers and your payments will remain uncompromised.