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8 Reasons to Use a Mobile App for Your Beauty Salon

Approximately $3,756 is spent by women annually for enhancing their appearance with products and a day at the salon. Even so, one of the biggest challenges for businesses in this industry is customer retention. The solution? Many are turning to apps to produce happy, loyal customers.

Were you aware that apps contribute more than $40 billion to the beauty industry? Proof that app-based businesses are expanding with remarkable and impressive success. The following are 8 ways you can use an app to pull ahead of the competition and grow your small business:

1. Easy Booking. Thanks to raid-fire email responses, you and your clients can confirm that the appointment has been put in place.

2.  Appointment Reminders. The app will not only let your clients know that their booking is coming up, but also remind them of a need they might have forgotten about. You can also make this strategy more effective by adding a more personal touch – just a few minutes later, you can send a personalized note to your client.

3.  Product Gallery. You can provide a product gallery for clients to browse through, along with tips on how those products are used. Your client can find great ideas on how to maintain the hairstyle or manicure appearance they received at your business. The app also provides the perfect setting to feature some of your favorite products.

4.  Customer Loyalty Programs. Through the app, you can reward your customer each time they purchase one of your services.

5.  Referral Rewards. You can also use the app to reward clients for referring your business to friends and family. While it is true that word of mouth is a tried-and-true way to spread the word about a business, they will be even more motivated if you provide them with incentives, like discounted services or free products.

6.  Reviews Engine. Similar to referral rewards and loyalty programs, you can also use the app to encourage clients to leave positive reviews – giving you free advertising.

7.  Extra Features. A great opportunity to showcase your services and products, you can also include a style library with photos of you and your staff’s best work.

8.  Tracking and Payment. The app can also track your customer’s billing details, manage cashless payments and store information in the database.

How to Get Started – Get Online, Go Digital

To dive into the world of business apps, you will need to start with a website. Your website should tell your story and introduce you to potential clients. It should also highlight all the services you offer and the products you have available. Don’t forget to also include links to your social media pages so visitors can read reviews. If you are ready to take the next step in e-commerce, you can also setup a shopping area for clients to purchase their favorite beauty products. And, of course, include a link where your clients can download your new, mobile app.

Where You Can Find Industry Leading E-commerce Services

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