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12 High-Risk Trends in The Payments Industry

The modern payment industry offers an incredibly large variety of opportunities and challenges at the same time. Knowing the top payment industry trends is critical to your success. This article will help you with these trends and a merchant account bad credit. So, if this is what you’re interested in, just read below.

Current Global Economy

Global trade is still very weak. Merchandise trade volumes reduced in Q4 of 2019 and fell last year as a whole. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has resulted in human suffering and hurt the global economy.

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Top Payment Trends

Now, let’s look at the main payment trends:

  1. Payments will take an invisible form for a seamless customer experience
  2. Small- and medium-sized businesses will choose digital solutions for invoicing
  3. Payments will appear in places you’d never expect before
  4. Cross-border eCommerce will go on growing
  5. Expect to witness the prime spending years of the digital-first generation
  6. Both fraudsters and services preventing fraud will continue to get smarter
  7. Expect more regulations protecting consumers and local businesses, thus making it extremely important for companies to become more adaptable
  8. The number of businesses interested in making their payment stack simpler will increase
  9. No room for outdated tech
  10. The blockchain technology will become more popular especially in payment to provide better protection for online payment processing
  11. Mobile wallets will offer increased convenience and a higher level of security
  12. Payment gateways will become better at allowing app users to enjoy different payment options

Given all the changes in the global economy, growth is uncertain. So, both merchants and companies in the payments should keep their fingers on the pulse so as to be able to move the wheel in the right direction.