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Spain merchant accounts

Payment processing in Spain

EMB is a pioneer when it comes to payment processing worldwide. We understand the complexities that come with accepting debit and credit card transactions. Our knowledge helps us keep the process safe, transparent, and clear. Get started by applying for a Spanish merchant account today.

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Leader in payment processing for the Spain

Affordable and quick merchant accounts in Spain

Get low rates and fast approvals on Spanish merchant accounts by signing up with EMB.

Powerful Features

Credit card processing in Spain

EMB offers credit card processing solutions that help businesses save money.

Customised Solutions

A processor for all

Whether you have no processing history or a long history of accepting credit and debit cards, EMB will find you a solution.

Fast Approvals

Get approved in as few as 24 hours

Our experts at EMB are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. This is why eligible merchants can get approved in 24 hours.

Powerful Features

Personalized payment solutions

We want to know your needs, so we can fulfill them. Contact us for a customized payment solution in Spain.

Expanding your business to Spain?

Accept credit card payments

At EMB, we provide business owners with personalized, omni-channel solutions and value-added recommendations about payment processing in Spain. Our goal is to help you get what you need despite any compliance, risk management, or intercontinental restrictions. Apply online today.

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Let us help you streamline payment processing for your business in Spain

SMS invoicing

Send invoices via SMS to reduce late payments and encourage immediate payments from your customers.

Hosted payment page

Offer your customers a secure and personalized buying experience for purchasing goods and services

Subscription billing

Enhance the customer user experience and your business’ bottom line with our monitoring tools.

Let us work for you

Experienced staff

Experienced staff

Our Company is built on experience, let our experienced staff help you on your journey.

Proven support

Proven support

We service a diverse list of customers and have vast knowledge to support them.

Speedy sign up

Speedy sign up

Our application only takes a few minutes, and before you know it you’ll be up and running.

Real results

Real results

Our merchants, both big and small, are building successful businesses on our platform.

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