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Poland merchant accounts

Payment processing in Poland

EMB is a leader in global point-of-sale and contactless payment processing and safe, cost-effective merchant account solutions to those accepting debit and credit card transactions. Whether you have processing for years and want to save money, continue to build your credit, or want to learn more about accepting credit card payments, then, turn to EMB for a merchant account in Poland.

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Leader in payment processing for the Poland

EMB has exactly what you need to allow your Poland business to grow and flourish.

Powerful Features

Processing for all

Get safe and secure processing in Poland whether you are new to accepting credit cards or still building your credit.

Customised Solutions

Offering solutions when banks turn you away

We help new, less-established, and speculative businesses get merchant accounts in Poland. Apply for a merchant account now.

Fast Approvals

Polish payment processing

Get dependable, secure payment processing in Poland with our customized solutions and offerings.

Powerful Features

Comparable prices

At EMB, we do our best to help your business maintain marketability by offering competitive prices.

Customised Solutions

A simple application process

Submit an application for a merchant account in Poland and check on your status in real-time.

Fast Approvals

A payment gateway in Poland

Get access to multi-currency conversions and intelligent transaction routing with our payment gateways.

Expanding your business to Poland?

Accept credit card payments

When your need end-to-end services for any business, including high-risk businesses, like airlines and travel, telecom, and service providers, EMB can help you. Through our offerings, we aim to help you provide value to your customers and enhance their experiences. Apply for a Polish high-risk merchant account today.

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Let us help you streamline payment processing for your business in Poland

Subscription billing

Synchronize all your e-commerce platform’s products effortlessly with just one click.

Fraud shield

Improve automated decision-making by utilizing integrated technologies like Geo-location, Mobile Device Signals, and Proxy Piercing to prevent transactions from high-risk countries.

Hosted payment page

The hosted payment page tools allow for the best flexibility when designing and configuring your website layout.

Let us work for you

Experienced staff

Experienced staff

Our Company is built on experience, let our experienced staff help you on your journey.

Proven support

Proven support

We service a diverse list of customers and have vast knowledge to support them.

Speedy sign up

Speedy sign up

Our application only takes a few minutes, and before you know it you’ll be up and running.

Real results

Real results

Our merchants, both big and small, are building successful businesses on our platform.

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