About Our Business

At EMB, we provide merchant account services, including omnichannel payment processing, to many countries, including those in Germany. We know that no two merchants are the same, which is why we offer numerous payment processing solutions and we make getting a high risk merchant account in Germany easy. When you work with us, you get real-time payments whether you sell products or services via a low risk or high risk business in Germany. We understand the complex nature of payment processing and we mitigate any circumstances that prevent the process from being open, clear, and secure.

Tools that Help You Monitor Your Business

Gain incredible insight into the inner workings of your business by viewing your business’ performance analysis, real-time processing activity, and referral transactions. Also, help protect and improve your business by taking advantage of our chargeback risk and fraud management tools.

What You Get When You Work with Us

At EMB, our experts prioritize businesses and their needs. We do this by offering business owners customized omnichannel solutions and focused recommendations on payments, global acquiring, and cross-border processing. Compliance, risk management, and intercontinental limitations are never hurdles for us. By using this approach, we can help any business. Applying for a German merchant account is simple and easy.

Makes Sales On the Go

Nothing provides more flexibility and convenience like our mobile point-of-sale acquiring solutions, which are supported by EMV chip and PIN.

Seamless Integrations EMB offers plug-and-play solutions making integration with your website quick and seamless.

Simple German High Risk Merchant Accounts

Traditional lenders turn away risky businesses for merchant accounts. Instead, we do our best to find the high risk merchant account in Germany that works for them.

Real-Time Processingy

Accept and process all debit and credit cards in real time without our reliable virtual terminal.

Trustworthy Professional Services

Count on our experts to advise high risk merchants in Germany on the best possible solutions and services to help your business grow.

Dependable Payment Gateways

Finding reliable payment gateways in Germany for merchants globally is what we do at EMB. For safer transactions, our gateway includes 3D Secure and multi-currency conversion.

Fast Approvals of German Merchant Accounts

After completing our simple online German merchant account application, one of our representatives respond to you in as little as 24 hours.

A Push-of-a-Button Solution

EMB’s cutting-edge payment processing and acquiring makes accepting payments easier, more affordable, and more secure. Reach out to us for fast, secure, turnkey payment processing.

Let Us Help You Grow

Every business needs to grow if they ultimately want to succeed. EMB offers optimized interchange rates, higher approval rates, and 24/7 customer and technical support, making their solutions and offerings that much more attractive. Additionally, use our domestic and global solutions to lead you on the path to success throughout the market in Europe.

About Our Offerings

When your business needs end-to-end services for any merchant, including high-risk businesses, like adult entertainment, travel, and gaming, airlines and travel, and service providers, EMB has exactly what you need to allow your business to grow and flourish. We want businesses to succeed, so we make sure all business’ needs are met with our personalized services and processing solutions. Our goal at EMB is to help you provide value to your customers and expand your business.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Use our advanced, innovative payment processing technology to provide value and other tools that improve the customer experience. Optimal success is achieved through innovation.

eCommerce Solutions for Everyone

Payment service providers, independent sales organizations, payment facilitators, and merchants will find an appropriate German payment processing solution.

A Payment Platform That Handles it All

Our payment platform allows you to optimize and save money on global card processing. When you use our platform, you get:

  • Processing in more than 100 transaction currencies and card settlement in your local currency
  • Transparent conversion rates
  • Chargeback mitigation tools
  • A cutting-edge reporting interface for transactions made anywhere
  • Technical support all day, every day of the year