About Our Company

As leaders in the payments industry, EMB provides merchant account services in to merchants worldwide. We understand the challenges merchants must face when they want to accept and process payments globally. At EMB, we make it easy by offering customized payment processing in Cyprus. Our process is simple, transparent, and secure. We want your business to grow and succeed, which is why we work this way.

About Our Offerings

EMB offers services and solutions for merchants of all risk levels who accept in-person and contactless transactions. We work with industries that sell and products and services in online gaming, adult entertainment, credit repair, file hosting, and extended warranty services. Turn to us when you want the best merchant service solutions in the business.

What to Expect from EMB

At EMB, we want to meet the needs of all businesses. We prove it by offering merchants personalized multi-channel solutions and focused recommendations on:

  • Payments
  • Global acquiring
  • Cross-border processing

Most importantly, we know that many merchants deal are hit with challenges related to compliance, risk management, and intercontinental limitations. Since we understand this, we work with you to overcome these obstacles and figure out how we can still make find the right solutions for you. Apply today for a merchants accounts in Cyprus.

24/7 Technical Support

Though our solutions are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with websites, EMB offers technical support all day, every day.

Real-Time Payment Processing in Cyprus

Get paid faster from debit and credit card transactions with real-time payment processing in Cyprus.

Recommendations Just for Your Business

Our experts at EMB find solutions and services that meet the unique needs of your high risk business. Apply online today.

High Approval Rates for High Risk Merchant Accounts in Cyprus

EMB works with all businesses, even those banks deny. Apply for a high risk merchant account in Cyprus.

Solutions Made Easy

Feel confident using EMB because our payment processing and acquiring solutions make accepting payments easier, more affordable, and safer. Take your business to the next level with fast, secure, turnkey payment processing in Cyprus.

Technology in the Now

Enhancing the customer user experience and improving your bottom line is something you can simply achieve using our advanced payment processing technology.

Go Mobile Today

Mobile has become one of the most popular ways to pay for goods and services. We know it, too, which is we offer mobile point-of-sale acquiring solutions that are not only supported by EMV chip and PIN but convenient ways to increase profits.

Optimize Results with Our Payment Platform

Our payment platform allows you to save money on global card processing throughout Cyprus. When you work with us, take advantage of:

  • Transparent conversion rates
  • Processing in more than 100 currencies
  • Card settlements in your region’s currency
  • Chargeback mitigation alerts and fraud management tools
  • A reporting interface for all transactions
  • Technical support all day, every day of the year

Quick Responses for Cyprus Merchant Account Applications

Fill out a Cyprus merchant account application now and hear back from our team within 24 hours.

Keep Track of Your Business

Improve your business by viewing your referral transactions, business’ performance analysis, and real-time processing activity with our monitoring tools. Additionally, we aim to help you maintain a healthy merchant account in Cyprus by offering a chargeback mitigation alert system and fraud management tools.