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Cyprus merchant accounts

Payment processing in Cyprus

As leaders in the payments industry, EMB provides merchant account services in to merchants worldwide. We understand the challenges merchants must face when they want to accept and process payments globally. At EMB, we make it easy by offering customized payment processing in Cyprus. Our process is simple, transparent, and secure. We want your business to grow and succeed, which is why we work this way.

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Leader in payment processing for the Cyprus

EMB has exactly what you need to allow your Cyprus business to grow and flourish.

Powerful Features

24/7 technical support

Though our solutions are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with websites, EMB offers technical support all day, every day.

Customised Solutions

Real-time payment processing in Cyprus

Get paid faster from debit and credit card transactions with real-time payment processing in Cyprus.

Fast Approvals

Recommendations just for your business

Our experts at EMB find solutions and services that meet the unique needs of your high risk business. Apply online today.

Expanding your business to Cyprus?

Accept credit card payments

At EMB, we can give you the payment processing tools you need to grow your business. From merchant accounts to other services such as shargeback mitigation alert system and fraud management tools, EMB is your complete merchant solution.

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Let us handle your payment processing needs in Cyprus

Subscription billing

Setup subscription rules — whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually — and associate them with specific products.

SMS invoicing

If you tailor your communication to your customers’ preferred medium, they will be able to pay their invoices quickly and easily, without encountering any obstacles.

Fraud shield

With EMB’s robust fraud detection engine, you can customize your fraud detection settings to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Let us work for you

Experienced staff

Experienced staff

Our Company is built on experience, let our experienced staff help you on your journey.

Proven support

Proven support

We service a diverse list of customers and have vast knowledge to support them.

Speedy sign up

Speedy sign up

Our application only takes a few minutes, and before you know it you’ll be up and running.

Real results

Real results

Our merchants, both big and small, are building successful businesses on our platform.

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