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Checks-by-Web is a way for consumers to purchase goods online without a debit or credit card. It helps provide a safer way of payment for bills and goods, rather than the dealing with the risk of mailing a check.

How Does it Work?

Checks-by-Web works by using your banking account information (bank & routing numbers) as a method of payment instead of a debit or credit card.

How Safe Is It?

Checks-by-Web is extremely safe to use for both the consumer and merchant. For companies using Checks-by-Web for payments, accounts have to be made for each consumer’s checking account in order for it to be used for payment. Photo ID is not required to use Checks-by-Web. For merchants, you can customize your safety features in order to suit your business and customer base. For ecommerce, there is a $1,000 limit per transaction, which can help reduce attempts at fraud.


Why Checks-by-web?

  • Safe and efficient method of accepting payment online.
  • Low cost processing.
  • Fast merchant funding.
  • Free detailed transactions online.
  • Banking fees and check handling costs and risks are eliminated.
  • NSF items can be re-submitted automatically, if need be.

What do I need to Start?

  • Completed Merchant Information & Service Agreement forms.
  • Voided merchant check.
  • Business license and/or tax license.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • 3 previous bank statements or IRS document verifying TIN#.
  • Web address with current and valid security certificate.
  • Merchant’s warranty and/or refund policy.

Excited yet? You Should be!

Checks-by-Web is an up and coming method of Internet payment. It helps attract consumers that cannot purchase online because they lack a debit or credit card. Checks-by-Web helps ease consumer minds due to advanced security and privacy measures.

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