About EMB

EMB is a pioneer when it comes to payment processing worldwide. We understand the complexities that come with accepting debit and credit card transactions. Our knowledge helps us keep the process safe, transparent, and clear. Get started by applying for a Spanish merchant account today.

About Our Solutions and Services

EMB offers merchants end-to-end services for all businesses, including high-risk businesses that offer nutraceuticals, gaming, telecom services, and more. Our payment solutions for point-of-sale and contactless transactions will help you exceed your expectations and meet your goals.

Exceed Your Expectations with Our Payment Solution

Our cutting-edge payment platform allows you to streamline global card processing in Spain while maintaining a cross-border online business. The platform offers:

  • Transactions in multiple currencies
  • Card settlements in the currency of your region
  • Transparent conversion rates
  • Chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention tools
  • PCI compliance
  • Technical support 24 hours per day, every day of the week

A Payment Gateway in Spain

When you need a Spanish payment gateway that offers multi-currency conversions, high-end security, and intelligent transaction routing, turn to EMB.

Know What You Get When You Work with Us

At EMB, we provide business owners with personalized, omni-channel solutions and value-added recommendations about payment processing in Spain. Our goal is to help you get what you need despite any compliance, risk management, or intercontinental restrictions. Apply online today.

See the Benefits of Working With Us

Grow through optimized interchange rates, higher approval rates, and all day, every day technical support provided by EMB. It’s really that easy.

Solutions for Easy Payments in Spain

Our payment processing and acquiring makes accepting payments simpler, affordable, and safer.

Get Tools that Improve Your Business

Enhance the customer user experience and your business’ bottom line with our monitoring tools. Review your performance analysis, real-time processing activity, and referral transactions when you sign up with EMB.

Affordable and Quick Merchant Accounts in Spain

Get low rates and fast approvals on Spanish merchant accounts by signing up with EMB.

Credit Card Processing in Spain

EMB offers credit card processing solutions that help businesses save money.

A Processor for All

Whether you have no processing history or a long history of accepting credit and debit cards, EMB will find you a solution.

Get Approved in as Few as 24 Hours

Our experts at EMB are responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. This is why eligible merchants can get approved in 24 hours.

Personalized Payment Solutions

We want to know your needs, so we can fulfill them. Contact us for a customized payment solution in Spain.

Items Needed to Get a Merchant Account in Spain

Once you submit an application with EMB, you will need to show that you have a registered company, as well as:

  • A fully operational website
  • Clear, prominently-displayed terms and conditions
  • Refund and privacy policies
  • A business bank account