About Our Company

As a leader in face-to-face and contactless payment processing in Romania, EMB is able to understand the complexities that come with accepting debit and credit card transactions. We are able to pass our knowledge on to merchants. Additionally, knowing the challenges they face, we work to prevent any circumstances that fail to make the process transparent, clear, and safe.

Payment Processing in Romania We can find the right solutions for businesses that are new to credit card payments or are continuing to build their credit.

Payment Solutions Made Simple

Get fast, secure, turnkey payment processing in Romania at a push of a button that is also secure, easy, and inexpensive.

Reliable Payment Gateways in Romania

At EMB, we help merchants by offering dependable payment gateways that include multi-currency conversions and intelligent transaction routing.

ACH Payment Processing in Romania

ACH payment processing makes it easier than ever to accepting payments from customers worldwide. Contact us to learn more.

Get a Romanian High Risk Merchant Account

At EMB, we take the hassle out of applying for a high risk merchant account in Romania. We work with speculative businesses that banks turn away.

Get Approved for High Risk Merchant Accounts in Romania

In the payments industry, merchants are classified as high risk or low risk. High risk merchants often rely on offshore merchant account providers for credit card processing because domestic banks turn them down. Turn to EMB because we will work with you to find what works for your needs and preferences.

Use Our Tools to Better Your Business

At EMB, we give you tools that enhance the customer experience and better your business. Review your performance analysis, real-time processing activity, and referral transactions with our monitoring tools.

Exceed Expectations with Our Payment Platform

Streamlining global card processing in Romania is no problem with our innovative payment platform, which provides:

  • Processing for many types of currencies, as well as card settlements in local currencies
  • Clear, upfront conversion rates
  • Chargeback mitigation alerts
  • Fraud prevention tools and resources
  • 100% PCI compliance
  • Technical support 24 hours per day, every day of the week

About EMB’s Offerings

EMB offers merchants end-to-end solutions for all businesses, including high-risk businesses that offer nutraceuticals, gaming, travel services, or telecom services. Meet your goals with our solutions. Apply for a merchant account in Romania today.

Expect A Lot Because We Offer A Lot

At EMB, we provide business owners with customized payment solutions, as well as value-added recommendations on payments, global acquiring, and cross-border processing in Romania. Work with us and leave the worrying about risk management, compliance, or intercontinental restrictions to us. Apply for a Romanian merchant account today.

What You Need to Get a Romanian Merchant Account

Once you submit an application with EMB, you will need to provide proof that your business is registered and has a business account. Also, merchants must show that they have fully operational websites with clear, easy-to-understand terms and conditions refund and privacy policies.