Merchant Cash Advance without a Merchant Account

Do you need money for your business? You’ve heard about merchant cash advance programs, but you don’t have a merchant account?

No problem! We can provide business funding to any business type, with any credit situation, and you don’t need to accept credit cards at your business to be approved. In todays economic climate it can be very difficult to get working capital for your growing business.

Business owners need money to grow, and sometimes just a little bit of working capital can be the key to making it big. We are here to help, we can get your business money fast. No red tape, no long application process.

Fast money, regardless of credit….that’s what we specialize in.

Our ACH funding programs will lend you money based on your businesses gross monthly sales volume. This includes cash, check and credit card sales. We’ll even lend you money based on accounts receivables, government contracts and recurring billing agreements.

Our wide variety of finance options, and fast funding times make us a popular choice for business owners looking for a merchant cash advance or receivables financing.

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