EMVco Announces Release of Framework for Secure Remote Commerce

EMVco, which facilitates worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions, has successfully released a technical framework for the online payments environment. In an effort to standardize online payments for greater security and interoperability, EMVco recently announced this first step toward technical specifications for companies operating in the “remote commerce environment”. What does remote commerce

Feds Push for More than Just Faster Payment, The Goal is Increased Safety

In July, Part 2 of the Faster Payments Task Force Final Report was released. This report estimates that real-time payments could – and should – be on the payments scene by 2020. The industry seemed to then settle in after analyzing the report. However, the Federal Reserve jumped in in September with its own comments

An Outlook of the Credit Card and Banking Industry

In a bid to help consumers make prudent financial decision in the aftermath of the recent recession, two leading commercial websites WalletHub and CardHub have jointly released the Q2 2015 Credit Card and Banking Landscape Report. As you would expect, the report touches on several areas of both credit card usage and banking trends leading

Americans are Anxious about New Ways to Pay but increasingly Wary about Personal Security; New Survey Finds

Americans are anxious about personal security but remain optimistic that these issues will be fixed soon to allow them enjoy the benefits of online transactions. In fact, most people are already imagining a bright future with even better ways to pay. According to a new research by MasterCard, Americans aren’t very confident in the security