Start Accepting Same Day eChecks

Are you interested in Same Day eChecks? What are these? How do they work? How can you get the necessary payment processing solutions for your business fast and easily? Just read below and you’ll get a better idea. eChecks and Their Features eChecks can be described as the electronic versions of a traditional paper check.

ACH Processing – A Good Alternative to Credit Card Processing

Merchants looking for a more cost-effective way to process payments without fewer hassles should consider ACH processing. ACH payments are becoming more attractive to businesses due to affordability and convenience. Learn more about how ACH processing can benefit your business. The ACH Explained Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the network that connects every financial institution

Small Businesses Using Same Day ACH: Costs and Advantages

Are you running a small business and using ACH transactions? Computerized payments are beneficial both for merchants and consumers. What is ACH? What is Same Day ACH? Just read this article and you’ll know. What You Should Know About ACH Payments The paper check system that consumers have long used evolved into ACH transfers. ACH

What You Should Know About Real Time Payments (RTP)

The US noncash payments system continues to rapidly evolve. The shift from paper-based noncash payments has two major benefits: these new payments are much faster and can more economically transfer the data electronically. Are you interested in Real Time Payments? This article will help you get a better idea of RTP. The ACH and the

Learning the Ins and Outs of ACH Payment Processing

If your payroll gets directly deposited into your bank account, then you have interacted with the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Most people have used or been involved with ACH without realizing it. To understand ACH payment processing and how it works, you will need to understand what it is, which parties are involved, and how

ACH Successfully Launches Same-Day Debits Before Year’s End

Processing just got a little bit faster. Mid-September, it was announced that the nation’s automated clearing house network had launched same-day clearing and settlement for debit transactions. Same-day debits have been called “Phase 2” in NACHA’s faster-payments plan. Phase 1, same-day credits, was introduced a year ago, allowing users to move payments from their bank

ACH Payment Processing

ACH payments are electronic payments. They’re created when the customer gives an originating institution, corporation, or other customer (originator) authorization to debit directly from the customer’s checking or savings account for the purpose of bill payment. Authorization must be in accord with the requirements of the ACH Operating Rules. It must be either written and

Is Faster ACH A Profitable Idea Or A Flop For Acquirers?

When there was the need for faster payment processing alternatives, Same-day Automated Clearing House came as one of the leading options. And it has been so to date, however, there’s the question of whether it is a perfect fit or not for acquirers. Despite ACH’s cheaper service fee compared to the use of credit cards,

ACH Processing for Small Businesses | Enjoy the Benefits

ACH is the main network that processes most electronic financial transactions in the US. ACH payments are electronic payments completed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. They are a popular alternative to paper checks and credit card payments since they offer a number of benefits to merchants and consumers. The National Automated Clearinghouse Association