Chargebacks Can Mean The Difference Between Remaining in Business or Going Under

This seems likes a very broad statement. However, the core is totally true. Any company that runs an e-Commerce business knows that money that chargebacks can cost. Not only is the service or product lost for good, the company has spent time and resources trying to defend the reversed charge. They have been assessed a chargeback fee of up to $100. And if the company should go over a three percent chargeback ratio, it runs the risk of VISA and MasterCard pulling the plug on their ability to accept credit cards at all, which can ultimately make them shut their

Save Your Merchant Account from Destructive Chargebacks

Do you know how much profit your business is losing because of chargebacks? Most companies are unaware of the great threat that chargebacks pose to the bottom line. Your merchant account deserves protection against illegitimate chargebacks. That’s why eMerchantbroker has provided another service, the Chargeback Suite, to protect your assets as a chargeback insurance provider. What is a Chargeback? Chargebacks occur when customers file disputes with banks over credit card or debit card transactions. This eats into merchant profits because more than 58% of the time, the merchant is not notified of the chargeback, or is notified too late. Merchants